Fujifilm / Isabelle Cooke / GFX International Campaign


Fujifilm / Isabelle Cooke / GFX International Campaign

Tuesday, April 11, 2017, it is 02:30 am, the alarm rings. It's early but I can't wait to meet my team at Porte Maillot. Isabelle Cooke, our model, Sabrina Salza, our make-up artist and Dung Vo, our assistant and making-of photographer, are ready for a departure towards the beach of Blonville-sur-Mer.
We have rendez-vous with the sunrise at 07:15 am to create a serie of images with the FUJIFILM GFX-50S and its new GF 110MM F2 R LM WR lens.


Arrived on site, we meet the Fujifilm and Film Making teams to start our installation. Less than a hour before the first sun rays.
So, here is the concept of the images. The horizon composed by the sea and the sky becomes our studio background. Blurred by the short depth of field of the GF 110MM at F/2.8, we get only its color gradient, so magical at the sunrise.


This natural light is blocked with the help of a large diffuser on the model, in order to create on her a new studio light. Two PROFOTO B1 with Softbox Strip 1X3’ are used with a 3:1 contrast and a Half CTB gel is installed on one of them to « cool down » the Isabelle's shadows.
The contrast between the natural light and the two artificial lights is controlled thanks to a neutral density 3 STOPS B+W filter and the shutter speed set between 1/125s and 1/60s.


Then, we create different depth planes with the help of the smoke that our assistant, Dung, puts in motion in front and back to Isabelle, in order to show the magic of the blur transition from this new lens.
The color composition is chosen thanks to a colorimetric study made few days before.

The result exceeds our expectations with a rendering so close to my study that i choose a new workflow to create the final images.
Back to my studio, i developp the digital negatives into the GFX with these settings : FILM CLASSIC CHROME, WB 6300K, H-TN +1, S-TN +1, COL -1, SH +2, NR -4, GRN OFF, CCR STRONG and i export the files in TIFF ADOBE RGB 98.
A little work on color and tonality is then made in Capture One (70%) and Photoshop (30%), controlled on a Eizo CG-248-4K screen.


Retouching Making-of



How to conclude without using beautiful words on this new GF 110MM F2 R LM WR lens ? Its faculty to separate planes and in the same time to propose an incredible sharpness in the focus zone lets me speechless. And what else to say about the already legendary rendering of this medium format camera.


A big thank you to my awesome team who has been crazy enough to follow me on this project.
To DUNG VO, for being a so magical assistant, a so talented photographer and without whom the smoke could not have been so beautiful.
To ISABELLE COOKE, for being her and so beautiful despite the morning cold.
To SABRINA SALZA, for having met all my expectations .
To CHRISTOPHE DAGUET, for his precious help during scouting.
To the THIS IS MY VIDEO team, for their beautiful work and their smiles.
To PROFOTO, for being always on my side even in the craziest projects.
And finally to FUJIFILM France and Japan, for the great honor of their confidence, with a particular thought to Fabrice, Franck and Kunio.


I believe that in photography there is no better feeling than creating an image born in your mind.
Long live the art of the image !



Concept, Photography & Retouching : JULIEN APRUZZESE STUDIO
Assistant & Making-Of Photography : THE DANDY SMITHS
Make-up & Hair Artist : SABRINA SALZA
Photographic Elements : FUJIFILM
Lights : PROFOTO