Contrast / Art Series



Contrast is everything. Our senses are governed by the relative.
We appreciate the light because we know the darkness.
Curves fascinate us even more than when confronted with cold lines.
 And so the audacity to unfold itself draws its strength in the charm of his first decency.

This series is a study on the omnipresence of contrast and its beauty, in diptych reading.




I had a project in mind, something very graphic.
I noted this in a notebook but I never had the opportunity to put it in place.
It spoke of white background, white board superimposed with shadows and lights and model between the two.

And then the opportunity came to try the medium format GFX-50S from Fujifilm and it was a revelation.
I think it's neither the definition nor the sharpness that surprised us the most - even if they're just amazing - rather the dynamic range.
We managed to record lights in the same image that I could not have done before and it served the project which had many gradients.
And I think this is what brought special value to these images.




Film Making-of





Concept, Photography & Retouching : Julien Apruzzese.
Model : Jade Codino.
Assistant : Gil Gauquelin.
Film Making-Of : Chris Reist.
Assistant Film Making-Of : Sarah Reuland.
Photographic Equipment : Fujifilm.
Light Equipment : Profoto.